Cape Town Psychologist Sam Waumsley

Samuel Waumsley

M.A. Clin. Psych. (UCT)PS0111686 | PR 086 001 0447293

Clinical psychologist | Private psychotherapy sessions in Cape Town.

Registered psychologist | Online & in-person therapy. | 50min. - 1hr. consultations.

Enquiries: | Phone: +27 84 350 2102

ZAR 850 | Monday - Friday 8 - 5, Saturdays 9 - 11 

Therapy for:
  • Anxiety
  • Depressed mood
  • Relationships
  • Esteem feelings
  • Meaning
  • Metacognition
  • Dream interpretation

Psychotherapy style:
Person-centered, psychodynamic and relational psychotherapy, also embracing existentialism and gestalt therapy. 
'Reject the projection'
Assertive confidence in personal space.
'Psychology is a language'
Human depth is useful in working with with others.
'Solidarity with yourself'

Self-acceptance and self-assistance.

Towards happiness and well-being in our mental health:

Below the surface is a depth of human experience - in ourselves and relationships. How can we listen to and be cognisant of this? Being aware of one's needs and feelings with calm assertiveness, centered in warm-hearted values is useful. 

Personal well-being is our natural state, but things can sometimes go awry. Sometimes it's a broken-heart, or an absent or scolding parent. To cope and to be fully you, one needs to dig deep, as well as offer oneself the chance to heal. Therapy is a formal way of addressing these core personal stories that we carry and the symptoms that they manifest in us. I aim to assist in talk therapy by collaboratively addressing mental health symptoms with patients using clear-minded truth-finding and human solidarity.

Self-esteem is like a lens through which we see and operate in the world. Our sense of self is crucial, informing our day to day feeling and functioning. Seeking confidence is perhaps a useless task; searching for authenticity in ourselves, however, is a clearer goal, and practiced consciousness in and of ourselves can slowly work to improve mental health. By becoming more conscious of our own perspective, our intuition, impressions, thoughts and values, we can work towards finding authentic personal reflection, and useful direction in our lives. Congruence in ourselves psychologically is an essential yardstick. In therapy we work to find clarity and consciousness in ourselves.

Central work:

  • Symptoms of anxiety: Anxiety is associated with the fight, flight, freeze reflex. As human beings we have a strong response to danger and stress generally that is highly attuned, automatic and that neurochemically is processed faster than we can register the stressor consciously. Anxiety can be a feeling of unease; of being ill-at-ease; self-conscious, or threatened or stressed.
  • Signs of depression: Depression is a feeling and problem that can involve our sense of self in life and our experience in the world. It can be useful to consider depression as bringing a challenge to the self. Sometimes there is something actually wrong that's experienced and felt and thought about subjectively and semi-consciously deep down that bothers and depresses us. Depression can feel like hopelessness and people have feelings of guilt or low worth. We may lose interest in things we liked, we may become uncertain about the point of things. That said, choosing to address and share such feelings can be helpful.